Sport Specific Training

In order to get the best gains out of a sport training regimen, the exercises and protocol must be designed with that specific sport in mind. The exercises, rest periods, intensity and work periods should be similar to those seen on the field of play. The program should increase the number of sport specific lifts and rest, etc., as the season becomes closer. It is not necessary to keep each exercise entirely sport specific in early training regimens, for more compound lifts may be needed to add base strength for the athlete. For example, and Ice Hockey player may do a lot of squats when they first begin their off season training program. As the program grows closer to the season the athlete will progress their lifts to single leg squats and lunges to more closely mimic the unilateral movements/requirements of the athlete. Squats were used earlier on in the training program to increase the athlete's maximal leg strength and such exercises can be used for various other circumstances.