Nutrient Timing

We all at one point or another want to lose or gain weight. For years you have heard you are what you eat...but what about when you eat? Timing of nutrition is just as, if not more, important than exactly what you eat!! So when should we take protein, when and what kind of carbs and fat....


  • Eat meals to contain carbs/protein, protein/fat...DO NOT EAT CARBS/FAT!!
  • For weight loss, white and night aren't good
  • Protein before you lift for best results
  • Carbs/protein after to initiate insulin response

Carbs for anyone that is on a quest to lose weight, remember this...the whiter it is the worse it probably is for you! Usually things such as SUGAR, white bread, pasta, rice, and white potatoes are higher on the glycemic index, meaning that they will have a pronounced effect on your insulin levels. The higher something is on the glycemic index scale than the larger of an insulin spike you will get!! Insulin is the key player for all of us, no matter our goal! Insulin is a nutrient transporter, its presence in the bloodstream tells us to store or utilize nutrients. Also, don't eat carbs at night! Eating carbs at night will more than likely cause fat accumulation. Why? Throughout the day we have eaten enough to replenish our glycogen stores in the muscle, and also in our liver. Once these are full our body has no need for carbs, our metabolisms are slowing. But being the efficient machine that our body is we want to store excess energy. But where? Adipose tissue...

So, if you’re on the quest to lose, stay away from white (or if you have to eat it then do it EARLY in the day), don't eat carbs at night, and eat carbs of the following: whole grains, legumes, whole wheat, yams/sweet potatoes.


CASEIN - Casein protein is a high biologic valued protein and is known
for its slow breakdown of 4-6hrs as it enters the bloodstream. The reason
being is that casein coagulates in the stomach and is not quickly digested.

WHEY - approximately a 45 minute release into the bloodstream

AMINOS - 5-10 minutes

The staple that everyone seems to follow is drinking a protein shake after you lift. But what if we told you that drinking a protein drink before you work out doubles the protein synthesis post workout. Yes, protein before = 2x more muscle than after! The reason being, when you intake protein before the workout then your body has amino acids readily available for use and slows muscle catabolism. It has been shown that if excessive training occurs on a single body part then your body may call upon the breakdown of muscle tissue in other areas to supply the amino acids required! So if you only have one shake, drink it before. If you have more available then sandwich the workout with shakes. The pre being low carb to exhaust muscle glycogen stores, the post being high carb.

Dextrose is one of the best carbs that you can use post workout. It is the most similar to glucose and will cause a rapid insulin spike that will help shuttle available nutrients to the cells. The "window of opportunity" has not yet been found. Some speculate that you only have 20 minutes prior to take in as many nutrients that are required, while others say that you have 2 or more hours! But better to be safe than sorry and stick with a more sugary substance to trigger the insulin response. My personal favorite is 30 grams of whey pre and then 75g dextrose, 20g whey, 20g casein, 5g creatine post.

Fat FAT IS NOT BAD!!! Transfat is bad, but even saturated fat isn't as awful as we have heard in the past...just don't go crazy lol. But healthy fats found is fish oils, flax, borage, fish, nuts, avocado, etc., are very good for you! In fact, healthy fat can help rid bad fat! Recent studies have shown that diets of high fat, low carb and high protein coupled with exercise actually have the same effects as some cholesterol lowering meds!! Why? Because the increased fat intake makes the body accustomed to burning fat as a fuel. Once the body starts using fat as a fuel source then it starts attacking free floating fatty acids and can lower cholesterol levels!!