Meet Our Staff


We are proud to say that our staff at JPF is the most qualified group of trainers in the area.
Every one of us has a deep passion for fitness and helping people achieve their dreams of a long, healthy life.


B.S. in Strength and Conditioning under Dr. William Kraemer / NSCA CSCS - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist / NSCA TSAC-F - Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator / ISSA SFN - Specialist in Fitness Nutrition / TRX GSTC - Group Suspension Training Course / CrossFit Level I Certificate
Josh graduated from UCONN majoring in Exercise Science with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning. While at UCONN he lead training in Human Performance Labs for high protein, low fat, and MASS studies, while also working closely with various Division 1 sports teams assisting in training, nutrition supplement, and programming. Along with his degree and various certifications, Josh has had experience in a gym setting for more than 20 years, excelling him to be one of the top trainers in the Northeast. His programming skills have helped countless clients vastly improve overall physical fitness and create healthy nutritional and lifestyle changes. Josh’s custom programming has helped athletes show vast increases and advancements in performance. 

“The biggest thing standing in the way of you and your goals is your mindset. The key to success is changing your mindset to realize that nothing great will ever come easy or without challenge: get comfortable being uncomfortable.”


CrossFit Level I Certificate

Danielle began her fitness journey in early 2015. Although she had always competed in sports as a kid, she became inactive after high school and reached her heaviest weight of 250lbs. Her mom signed her up for a Ragnar Relay Race consisting of a 200 mile team run. She struggled with each leg of the race, yet after it was over she realized that something needed to change. She joined JPF later that year and became an avid 5 am member doing group workouts and CrossFit. Just 10 months later Danielle achieved her CrossFit Level 1 Certificate and runs 5ks and 10ks as often as she can.

“Everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t let inexperience in a gym, or needing to lose weight, intimidate you from beginning your journey. I would love to help you change your lifestyle just like I have changed mine!”


CrossFit Level I Certificate / CrossFit-Strongman / CrossFit-Kids / CrossFit-Movement and Mobility / CrossFit-Olympic Lifting / NASM Certified Personal Trainer

For three years, Jeremy owned and operated CrossFit Kemah in Texas where he sent teams to the South Regionals twice before relocating in his military service. In 2012, Jeremy qualified in Strongman for The Arnold. He has competed in powerlifting on and off since high school. On top of all his achievements and qualifications, Jeremy has 13 years in the Army with most of that time as light infantry assigned to a reconnaissance unit as a sniper section sergeant. He is new to the Northeast, and isn't looking forward to his first full winter here.

"If you're not having fun with your strength, skills, or fitness in general, why are you doing it? We all have a gift of ability and that gift has an unknown expiration date; we should use it."


NSCA Certified Personal Trainer / USA Weightlifting Certification

Jon is focused primarily on weightlifting, strength and conditioning, and movement correction. He has competed and placed first in Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, and CrossFit. Jon has also fought professionally in MMA for Reality Fighting and CES. He holds previous certifications in ISSA and CSCS.

“No one is too young, old, or inexperienced. I can help anyone who is willing to put in the effort.”


CrossFit Level I Certificate

Kamal is a CrossFit Level I Trainer and a full time Computer Engineer. A former sprinter with interest in high power output, Kamal began his journey in Olympic Weightlifting. After learning both Bulgarian and Russian styles, he took an interest to the Russian ideology, and continues to implement its style in his coaching.

He found CrossFit while at JPF as a fun way to stay active and motivated. Kamal appreciates CrossFit for its variety of movements, competitive aspect, and community. His favorite part of coaching is supporting athletes while achieving their goals and helping them accomplish what they never thought was possible

"Nothing is worth having if it comes easy!"