Jarrod has over 20 years of experience in a gym setting with his current main focus being CrossFit. He

ranked number one at his first CrossFit competition in 2016 and just recently competed in his first open.

Jarrod has past experience in Powerlifting and Body Building, taking top 5 at an NPC competition. Last

year he was filmed for an episode of Strength Wars as he went head to head with Terron Beckham. His

previous certifications include ISSA Personal Trainer and BodyPump Instructor. He can often be found

breaking it down in the CrossFit room or spinning records at our events as JAM Entertainment.

“In order to be physically fit you must first be mentally fit. The only measuring stick for fitness is the

person doing the work, not the person watching the work get done. The only thing standing in the way

of your goals is you! #traininsane”