Danielle began her fitness journey in early 2015. Although she had always competed in sports as a kid,

she became inactive after high school and reached her heaviest weight of 250lbs. Her mom signed her

up for a Ragnar Relay Race consisting of a 200 mile team run. She struggled with each leg of the race, yet

after it was over she realized that something needed to change. She joined JPF later that year and

became an avid 5 am member doing group workouts and CrossFit. Just 10 months later Danielle

achieved her CrossFit Level 1 Certificate and runs 5ks and 10ks as often as she can.

“Everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t let inexperience in a gym, or needing to lose weight,

intimidate you from beginning your journey. I would love to help you change your lifestyle just like I

have changed mine!”