JPF CrossFit is a professional, accredited box located in Northeastern Connecticut. With over 20 years
of training experience, our programs are designed to give athletes maximum results with maximum efficiency.

Our CrossFit classes are 100% scalable to any athletes’ ability. Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit once said, “Health is defined as increasing work capacity over modal domains, over the course of a lifetime".
There is no better remedy or medicine in life to treat disease, injury, or chronic conditions than with the basic everyday movements that CrossFit offers. Whether you’re a newbie to CrossFit or a high level athlete, you will find yourself at home in our facility.

What We Offer:

Unlimited CrossFit: $110/month

3 Days a Week: $80/month

Law Enforcement and Military Discounts Available

All CrossFit memberships include full access to the main gym